The Ninth Inning Book League comes to Lounsberry!


News: Lounsberry’s library is hosting a monthly book club, on varying weekdays, during ninth period throughout the school year. Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 17, when we’ll be discussing the book When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. Twenty students are invited to join our first meeting, if they have no other obligations, such as extra math or chorus. (If you can’t make this one, they’ll be plenty more!) If you’d like to join, tell us why, in the comments section of this post. Sign with your¬†first name¬†only, and tell Mrs. Schiano or your Language Arts teacher that you’d like to join. Any questions? include them in your comments!

18 thoughts on “The Ninth Inning Book League comes to Lounsberry!

  1. I want to join the bookclub because I think it will be fun and keep me busy during ninth period!
    (PS- The book lools really good.)

  2. Hi Anne! You may click on the book title or book cover to see a summary and review. Most reviewers consider it science fiction but it’s also a mystery. Plus, only parts of the book are science fiction like. I especially liked it because I grew up during the 1970’s, and like the main character, lived in an apartment building.

  3. When you reach me is a great book and i think everyone should read it.who cares what people say to you if you are in book club.i think you would be the coolest if you joined book club.all the people that joined already probably would say the same thing.

  4. I do not like to read but then i sarted the book club and then i read because of win dixie and now i love to read. mrs schanio rock and is the best librarian i ever had

  5. Abby, the next book we’re reading is called The Last Book in the Universe. I haven’t read it yet but I heard it’s great. Come on down to the library and I’ll give you more details!!

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