Breanna’s Tall Story

My Life Is A Tall Story


My life is a tall story.

I stand up

and fall down,

but I am still tall.

I laugh loud

and cry too,

but I am still tall.

I sometimes win

and sometimes lose,

but I am still tall.

I sometimes lose track of time,

and sometimes I’m a little unorganized,

but I am still tall.

Either at the piano,


or on the field,

I know,

I believe,

I achieve

at being tall.


Enjoy! especially Nerdy Nook Book Club Kids Reading Candy Gourlay’s totally awesome Tall Story!

10 thoughts on “Breanna’s Tall Story

  1. This is a great “Tall Story”, I can realy relate to it. I can realy relate to the one wear you can lose track of time and your unorganized. I also laugh realy loud, and cry sometimes. But even if I trip or fall down I will always know that I am sill tall and I will always believe at the end of the day!

  2. I believe what you are saying, being tall makes you unique and special in your own way (same with being short). I also look at it as how you think about yourself. Someone can be four feet and be tall because they are confident in themself and believe that they can do anything, that they are invincible.

  3. This is a really inspiring poem. It made me think about everything in life that has happened to me, and how lucky I am to live on this planet. I can connect with basically everything she says. The message is that no matter what happens, Breanna will always stand tall. I love how this poem was set up, and how the message was passed on all throughout the poem. I hope that Breanna will continue writing amazing stories and poems that convey a message and inspire others – just like this one.

  4. I believe that that poem is pretty inspiring. This poem speaks to everyone because you should be proud of who you are whether short or tall like it states in the poem. You are one of a kind, and you can never be replaced. It can relate to everyone on this planet. Always be proud of the person you are, and just keep being yourself.

  5. i really like the tall story it seem like you are always up and then down and what you are saying is that you can achive things from being tall and like that there is nothing wrong with being tall, which there isn’t

  6. i really like the tall story because i think that its true its basically saying when you fall no matter what you can get back up. and saying that no matter how tall you are there is nothing wrong with it, you can be tall, short, skinny, fat and anything that’s what i believe it means

  7. This poem is true. You are you which means you are special in your own way. You may fall down sometimes but you will always be tall, so laugh out loud and sometimes cry. Just know you will always be tall.

  8. This piece of poetry is very inspiring to me f you fail or I think it teaches you not to give up even when it gets hard.This is a very nice poem.

  9. I really enjoy the tall story. It means a lot to me and hopefully other people too. This poem reminds people that no matter how good or bad at something you do or how things turn out, you should always remain tall like Breanna. That’s why I enjoy this poem. It has a great meaning behind it!

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