My name is Deb, (Debbie and Deborah are fine also), Schiano and I’m a teacher-librarian living in northern NJ. My avatar comes from a photo I took of graffiti art on a building in Brussels. The picture alone hit home for me, however, if you look in the right hand corner, which is a bit cut off here, the letters read DEBS, which pretty much clinched it. My husband says that I probably shouldn’t portray myself as a little girl who appears to be lacking confidence, but I like it. Here’s a picture of the “real” me and all grown up,  just in case you’re wondering.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.03.09 AM

This blog began as a place for students, however I decided a while ago to move our student centered space to the front page of our library’s website at www.madjun.com. I started another blog years ago at alwaysinterested.wordpress.com and plan to use it more exclusively in the future, mainly because the name more suits me and my thoughts. I truly am always interested, which is a good characteristic for a teacher-librarian, but not always the best for my brain, which seems to be so full at times that my thoughts may pop right out of my head! Wherever I decide to write, I do hope to do it more, because the synthesis required to get my scattered thoughts into written words is a good thing!

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